New 20-floor lifts installed at Pinnacle, Leeds’ tallest office building

26th March 2014

New 20-floor lifts installed at Pinnacle, Leeds’ tallest office building

The installation of three new 20-floor lifts is underway at Leeds' tallest office building as the latest stage in a major refurbishment programme.

Global lift and escalator manufacturer, Kone, is close to completing a nine-month, £325,000 contract for a full replacement of the entire lift running technology and computerised call system at Pinnacle Leeds, Albion Street, one of the city's best-known office buildings.

The installation of the new lifts by Chertsey-based Kone, which has a regional office in Keighley, is due to be completed by mid May. They are the final element of mechanical and engineering enhancement in a major £6m upgrade of the Pinnacle tower which started two years ago after the property was acquired by Moorfield Group (Moorfield) on behalf of Moorfield Real Estate Fund II in 2011.

Speaking on behalf of the partnership between Holbeck Land and Moorfield responsible for Pinnacle, Robert Firth, director of Holbeck Land, says: "Although the lifts are believed to be the fastest in Leeds, travelling at three-metres a second, they have been in use since the property was built as West Riding House 40 years ago and were in danger of becoming unreliable, which is the last thing we would wish for our tenants.

"As with other elements of the refurbishment, the installation of the new lifts is being carried out from capital expenditure to create the best possible working environment for occupiers in this landmark building while delivering a stable, competitive service charge"